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Joanna Hughes



Hand Painted Signs and Murals for Home, Business and Garden


The Royal Oak


The Royal Oak in Perranwell Station is a lovely pub, very welcomng with great food and beer!


The lettering has been gilded with 23.5 carat gold leaf, edged with a dual coloured cast shadow. The oak leaf and acorn pictorial - loved painting these!





The swing sign painted with oak and crown pictorial on both sides with gilded lettering.





The Old Spotted Cow, Castle Eaton


Painted in enamels on marine grade ply the pictorial is of a favourite cow of the landlords.

The Hop & Vine


Gilded lettering with painted shadow and outline. Hop and Vine pictorial.

Hop and Vine, new sign to replace an existing one for Signature Signs

Seven Stars


Gilded lettering and stars with painted shadow on marine grade plywood finished in gloss. swing sign and fascia.

The Kings Arms


Painted lettering on welcome and fascia signs. Gilded and painted swing sign.

The Kings Arms, Penryn

Pub Sign Restorations

The following signs were in need of a repaint but keen to keep with the original design they have been restored to a former glory.


The Norway Inn, restored for Signature Signs
The Royal Standard, restored for Signature Signs
Sir Humphry Davey, restored for Signature Signs






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